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Training philosophy

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Our business is dedicated to equipping humans to be the best dog owners they can be, as we patiently counsel owners through all of the natural challenges that come along with dog ownership. We always support our clients with empathy, understanding, and a strong desire to set owners up for lasting success with their dogs. Humans and dogs who use our services can expect to be treated with kindness and compassion throughout every training session and training program​.

​Our Training Priorities...​

*We promote dog-human relationship building; not dominance theories. 

​*We provide positive feedback to animals; we don't rely on painful punishment tactics.

*We support and encourage kind leadership strategies.

*We use safe and effective methods that anyone can implement.

*We strive to establish a kind, reliable, and consistent means of communication between owners and their dogs.


Providing Colorado Dog Owners with Outstanding, Custom-Tailored Dog Training Services

Happy Hounds Dog Training was founded in 2015 with intentions of providing support, encouragement, and education to dog owners throughout the Denver area. The company was built on a foundation of positive reinforcement strategies and behavioral conditioning practices that are rooted in science-based psychology. Happy Hounds Dog Training boasts experienced, certified trainers who have college degrees in animal-related fields in addition to many years of valid, professional experience working in animal behavior. Our trainers have trained a wide variety of exotic and domestic animals at accredited zoos, aquariums, and shelters throughout the US.

​All of our trainers are certified through the Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT).

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