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This program is designed for owners who might label their dog as one of the following:

  • Fearful
    • The dog who cowers, hides, or runs away from something or someone
  • Anxious
    • The generally nervous dog
    • ​Dogs with separation anxiety
  • Destructive
    • ​The dog that is over 6 months of age and continues to chew or tear up household items other than his/her toys and bones.
  • Aggressive
    • ​The dog that barks/growls at, lunges at, or bites/nips humans
    • Dogs that have recurring and concerning conflict with dogs that reside within the same household (inner-household aggression)
  • ​Resource Guarder
    • ​The dog that guards things that he/she perceives as valuable by growling, snarling, snapping, or biting. Resources might include food, bones, toys, attention/humans, or places in the home (couch, bed, kitchen, etc.)
  • Leash Reactive
    • ​The dog that lunges and/or barks on leash when it sees a visual stimulus such as another dog, biker, car, skateboard, wildlife, etc. 
  • House Soiling
    • ​Any dog over 6 months of age that urinates or defecates inside the home
  • Excessively Vocal
    • ​​The dog that barks repeatedly out windows when triggered by a visual stimulus; barks indoors or outdoors when dog hears 'something'; barks along fence line in backyard
  • ​Escape Artist
    • The dog that darts out the front door, jumps fences, or digs out of the backyard.

​Behavior Modification sessions are offered in packages of three, five, or seven private, one-hour sessions that take place in your home and/or neighborhood. These sessions are spaced one or two weeks apart. Outside of our one-on-one sessions, you will receive unlimited trainer support via phone or email throughout the full length of enrollment. 

Each Behavior Modification case is unique and we want to support you through resolving all of your dog's concerning behaviors. Please call us for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your dog's history and determine which package will best suit your needs. 


Three Private One-Hour Sessions  $525

Five Private One-Hour Sessions  $825

Seven Private One-Hour Sessions  $1125

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**This Program is Currently FULL**

We are unable to accept new clients at this time.

Please check back for updates and future openings.

behavior modification program

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