Our Board and Train program specializes in building a foundation for puppies as young as 8 weeks and up to 6 months of age. This program is perfect for busy puppy owners or puppy families with travel plans.

Have a puppy between 7-12 months of age? We can help them too! Please contact us to discuss Board & Train options for your adolescent pup.

Live outside of our service areas? This program is open to puppy owners throughout the state of Colorado!


$1600 for the first week  (i.e. Wed to Wed)
$1400 for each additional week                             
A 25% deposit reserves your puppy's spot!​​

Current Availability

Puppy boarding school

A Home Environment. Our Boarding School is unique and optimal because we are not a boarding facility and therefore do NOT utilize canine 'caging facilities'. While enrolled in training school, your puppy lives comfortably in Jenn's home with supervised access to the house and yard, and bedtime spent in the safety of their personal crate. The puppies get treated as part of the family and will enjoy regular outings, visits to coffee shops, parks, and have plenty of supervised playtime with other puppies. 

Individualized Attention. Our Board and Train program is limited to only two puppies at a time to ensure that each one gets plenty of love, attention, and  top-notch personalized training!

Custom-Tailored Training. Best of all, your puppy will receive at least six daily training sessions to meet your specified goals, in addition to consistent reinforcement of polite household manners. Since each puppy is unique, we custom-tailor every Board and Train program to suit your needs and goals and set your puppy up for lifelong success. Here are some examples of what your puppy will practice during their stay:

  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training / Bell Training
  • ​Appropriate Chewing
  • Jumping and Polite Greetings
  • Puppy Nipping and Polite Play
  • Socialization with dogs and people
  • ​Positive exposure to new environments
  • Waiting politely for food and doorways
  • Impulse Control (a.k.a. Patience!)
  • Polite Leash Walking Skills
  • Obedience commands ranging from beginner to advanced
    • Examples may include include: sit, down, touch, stay, come when called, leave it, drop it, kennel up, wait, release, place, and more! 
    • We'll continue mastering the behaviors above with increasing distance, duration, and distraction for more advanced puppies.
    • Have a specific behavior request? Just ask!

​​Photos and Video Updates. While your puppy is enrolled in boarding school, you will receive photos, texts, and video updates of your puppy's progress! You are always welcome to contact the trainer directly to check in on your fur-baby.

Completion Consultation In YOUR Home. Upon graduation, your puppy will be delivered to you at your home where you will receive a private behavior consultation to demonstrate all that your puppy has learned. This session will teach YOU how to be the trainer and will allow plenty of time for you to get all your questions answered. If you live outside of our service area, your completion consultation will take place at the trainer's home or you can request delivery for an additional charge.

Wait/Release for Food Bowl

Come when Called.

Advanced Obedience Outdoors.

Midas the Golden Retriever and Wrigley the Golden Doodle

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Providing Colorado Dog Owners with Outstanding, Custom-Tailored Dog Training Services

Kennel (this family requested the word 'Casita').

Sit. Down. Stay. Wait. 

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Tilly the Lab and Claire the Corgi

Now Enrolling Through December 2020

what to expect:

These program descriptions and lengths provide examples of what your puppy might learn during their enrollment, but remember, all of our Board and Train programs are CUSTOM DESIGNED to meet your training goals and expectations based on where your puppy is at when he/she enrolls.

Not sure how long to enroll? Call us today or send an email with your training goals and expectations and we'll recommend the program best-suited for you and your pup. Need more or less days? We're happy to accommodate special requests to match your travel plans.

BOARD AND TRAIN REVIEW  "Our five month old goldendoodle  spent 8 days with Jenn in her home. Wow. The training he received was stellar, far exceeding our hopes. He already knew how to sit, shake and lay down. Now he rolls over, stays, waits, comes and is a champ of a loose leash walker sniffing only on command. We knew from the very first second that this was going to be a great 8 days. Jenn swooped in and took lead right from the start. Our puppy fed off her energy and was so comfortable going with her that he didn't even look back to say goodbye.

Jenn was so tuned into his intelligence that she went beyond our wish list and ramped up his training. Her home with her two gigantic dogs was a wonderful setting. Her policy of no more than two puppies at a time is perfect so the little pups have a playmate. She came highly recommended from another trainer when I expressed that I was looking for a reward method of training versus an e collar. Jenn Fantasia did not disappoint! Highly highly recommend happy hounds dog training."

​- Dana S. and Wrigley the Goldendoodle
Boulder, CO

Happy Hounds Dog Training, LLC is licensed by the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) which requires a facility to undergo annual inspections to ensure a safe and secure environment for your pet.

Loose Leash Walking.

​​​​Happy Hounds Dog Training

​​Program Options:

ONE WEEK of boarding school + 75 minute in-home completion consult​

  • Your puppy will learn foundational obedience commands indoors including sit, down, stay, come, wait/release, kennel up, and targeting. 
  • Polite house manners and expectations for potty training and crate training will be consistently reinforced. 
  • Your puppy will receive optimal opportunities for socialization and confidence building

​TWO WEEKS of boarding school + 90 minute in-home completion consult

  • Your puppy will learn all of the behaviors listed in one week PLUS polite leash walking skills and a reliable 'come when called' outdoors. 
  • Your puppy will know to wait before being released to go in/out of doorways. 
  • Potty training is more reliably developed in two weeks and 'potty bells' can be introduced upon request

​THREE WEEKS of boarding school + 2 hour in-home completion consult + one 60-minute in-home session valid within 30 days of B&T completion

  • Your puppy will learn all or the behaviors listed in weeks one and two PLUS learn commands like 'on your bed', leave it, drop it, fetch, and more. 
  • Special behavior requests are welcome! 
  • Foundational obedience commands will be mastered both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Potty training progress is especially reliable after three weeks of consistent training. 

​​​FOUR WEEKS of boarding school + 2 hour in-home completion consult + two 60-minute in-home sessions valid within 30 days of B&T completion

  • Your puppy will learn all of the behaviors listed in weeks one through three PLUS develop outstanding skills in higher distraction environments, from greater distances, and for longer periods of time. 
  • This program will go above an beyond in teaching your puppy commands in various environments and situations in order to guarantee the successful transfer of behaviors into your home and daily life. 
  • Potty Training will be virtually complete and your puppy will ring bells to request to go outside.​​