What can I expect if my puppy enrolls in boarding with you?

Puppy Boarding is a positive, structured alternative to a boarding facility, in home pet sitter, or other pet care facility. It is designed to provide puppies with consistent routine, reinforce polite manners, and maintain behavior cues that your puppy already knows. This program allows you to rest easy knowing that everything you have done to train your puppy thus far will be continued, maintained, and refined while you are away! Your puppy will also experience safe, positive socialization opportunities on a daily basis with small play groups of 2-4 puppies at a time. *Please note that no new obedience behavior cues are taught in this program. New behaviors are taught in our Board and Train Program.

Should I enroll in Boarding or Board & Train?

You should enroll in Puppy Boarding if you answer yes to any of these statements...

  • Your puppy is currently enrolled in or has completed any training program with us.
  • You want to ensure your puppy has a safe, comfortable stay in a home environment and daily fun, positive socialization opportunities while you are away.
  • You've invested into training and want to ensure that behavior expectations, obedience cues, and manners are maintained while you are away.

You should enroll in Board & Train if you answer yes to any of these questions...

  • You are willing and able to leave your puppy for at least two full weeks.
  • You have specific training goals that you want accomplished while your puppy is with us.
  • Your puppy has never enrolled in or completed one of our training programs.

Where are you located?
Our Puppy Boarding programs are based out of our trainer's homes about 5 minutes northeast of the Denver Tech Center. Specific home address will be provided upon booking.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Happy Hounds Dog Training, LLC is licensed by the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) which requires a facility to undergo annual inspections to ensure a safe and secure environment for your pet. We are insured through Liberty Mutual's Commercial General Liability insurance with additional coverage for animals that are within our care.

When can I drop-off and pick-up my puppy?
We pre-schedule drop-off and pick-up in accordance with your schedule anytime between 8am-8pm any day of the week.

What do I need to bring for my puppy's stay?

Plan to bring along the boarding contract (which you will receive at the time of confirmation) in addition to your puppy's crate, food, food bowl, leash/harness, and KONG or other approved chew item. We have spare crates that your puppy can use upon request if you prefer to leave your crate at home.

Does my puppy need to by 'fully vaccinated'?

Not necessarily. Puppies get vaccinations every 3-4 weeks, usually at/around 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks. They will not be 'fully vaccinated' until they are 16 weeks old, which is when they receive their Rabies vaccine as well. For puppies under 16 weeks of age, we require that your puppy is current on their age-appropriate vaccinations for distemper and parvo. If your puppy is over 16 weeks old, they need to be fully vaccinated. Our home is a controlled environment - all dogs that come here must be healthy and current on the required distemper/parvo and rabies vaccines. We do not require, but strongly recommend leptospirosis and bordatella.  

Does my puppy need to be spayed/neutered?

We accept unaltered puppies who are 6 months and younger. Adolescent pups 7 months and older do need to be spayed or neutered. We understand that if you have a large breed dog, your vet may have recommended waiting until they are at least a year old to spay/neuter. Please call us if you have specific questions related to this as we can sometimes (but not always) accommodate requests with ample communication. 

Will you send me pictures and updates while my puppy is with you?

Of course! Follow us on Instagram to see more of your puppy during their stay! @HappyHoundsDogTrainingDenver

How frequently will my puppy get trained?
Puppies in Boarding will receive up to 2 training sessions per day that maintain/refine behaviors they already know.

Who will train and care for my puppy?

Puppies in boarding programs are cared for and trained by either our Senior Trainer, Jenn Fantasia, and/or our Puppy and Obedience Trainer, Claire Taylor.

What will my puppy learn?

Puppies boarding with our trainers will have daily practice of the behaviors that they already know, positive socialization, and reinforcement of polite household manners. Any puppy under 5 months of age can be expected to progress and improve upon potty training and crate training skills!

Can you teach my puppy to stay off our furniture?

For consistency, we do not allow puppies on our furniture. However, dogs are contextual learners so just because they learn to stay off OUR furniture, this will not necessarily teach them to stay off YOUR furniture. Furniture expectations are best accomplished through private in-home training that takes place in your home.

Can you teach my puppy to stop jumping?

We are adamant about reinforcing 'four paws on the floor' so, during their stay with us, your puppy will NEVER be rewarded for jumping. (Our boarding programs exist to ensure that your puppy practices only polite behaviors while you are away). That said, it will be important for YOU and your family to learn how to give appropriate feedback for jumping up, because if your puppy is prone to jumping, it is likely because you are unintentionally rewarding the behavior and the behavior will continue once the puppy returns home. *Did you know that dog training has a lot to do with human training?!

Board and Train puppy owners can expect to receive counseling on this topic during their delivery session. 

Can you teach my puppy to stop barking?

First, remember that barking is normal dog behavior. Second, we keep the puppies very well exercised, engaged, and occupied here so they will hardly have time to bark during their stay with us! If you have a puppy that is prone to excessive barking in your home, please enroll in private, in-home training so that the behavior can be addressed in the context which it occurs. 

How much time will my puppy spend in a crate?
Puppies are only crated during the day if/when they are unsupervised. They are not left in a crate during the day for more than 2-3 hours at a time and this will not happen more than once per day if the trainer needs to step out for any reason. We believe in positive crate conditioning, so you can expect your puppy to experience calm, structured, and temporary crate time usually once per day in order to boost reliability of positive crate conditioning.

Where will my puppy sleep?
Your puppy will sleep overnight in the comfort of a personal crate in a common area of the trainer's home. Please bring along the anything you put inside the crate so we can mimic the way you do it at home (blankets, towel, bed, toy, etc).

How much does it cost?

The 'skinny' Board and Train is $110 per day. Per Day = any part of a day no matter what time the puppy arrives/departs.

*Puppy Boarding over major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is $125 per day

Is there a minimum length of stay? 

There is no minimum length of stay for our Board with a Trainer program.

Why is your cost for puppy boarding more expensive than a boarding facility?

Our enrollment is extremely limited and takes place in our personal home. While a boarding facility might accept 50-60 dogs, we only accept a few puppies into boarding at any given time so that we can provide individualized attention and training to each puppy.

Most importantly, our boarding programs are designed to enhance and improve upon puppy behavior through structure, training, socialization, and enrichment. Puppies who stay with us become more reliably potty trained, crate trained, socialized, and get daily practice of obedience commands through intentional training sessions. We are constantly reinforcing only polite behaviors and setting your puppy up to practice only the behaviors that puppy owners desire. This means that you get to bring home a puppy that is more attentive, more confident, and better behaved. It's a lot of work for us, but by investing in training early-on, you set yourself up for a peaceful and happy life with your pup into the future. You have many more years ahead with your dog, so trust us, it's worth the investment!

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