obedience program

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Happy Hounds Dog Training offers Denver dog owners private in-home training that will suit your personal needs. Each training session is custom-tailored for you and your dog in order to meet your goals as quickly as possibly.

Providing Colorado Dog Owners with Outstanding, Custom-Tailored Dog Training Services

Private Training in your home

This program is designed for adolescent and adult dogs over 6 months of age and can accommodate beginner, intermediate, or advanced obedience training. Below are some examples of what each level might entail. Levels can be modified to suit the needs of each individual dog.

​Beginner Obedience: introductory and foundational obedience commands including target, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, wait/release

Intermediate Obedience: outdoor obedience skills, loose leash walking, long-duration stay, on your bed/place, fetch, tug on cue, nose-work, trick training

Advanced Obedience: long-distance recall (come), off leash heel, high distraction obedience, distance commands, flawless impulse control, backyard agility

​Obedience sessions are offered in packages of three or five private, one-hour sessions that are spaced approximately one week apart. The sessions take place in your home and/or in nearby higher distraction settings like parks and open spaces, depending on your training goals. Outside of our one-on-one sessions, you will receive unlimited trainer support via phone or email throughout the full 3 to 5 weeks of enrollment.


Three Private One-Hour Sessions  $425

Five Private One-Hour Sessions  $650

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