$130 per day

A 25% deposit reserves your spot puppy's spot!  

Per day = any part of a day, no matter what time the puppy arrives/departs

​**2022 PEAK DATES  +$15 per day

Jan 14 - 17   |   Feb 18 - 21   |   March 11 - Apr 3  |  May 27 - 30   |   July 1 - 4   |   Sept 2 - 5   |

Nov 20 - 28  |  Dec 18 - Jan 3  |

Please Contact Us to check our availability for your travel dates. We'll do our best to reply promptly so you can proceed with making travel arrangements for you and your pup!


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Have you completed or enrolled in a puppy training program with us? Do you have upcoming travel plans? ​Is your puppy between 10 weeks and 12 months of age? If you answered yes to all of these questions, consider boarding your puppy with us to maintain all the behaviors you worked so hard to accomplish!

Owning a puppy brings about unique challenges, especially when it's time for vacation! This is why we designed a program that provides you with worry-free travels knowing that your young puppy or adolescent furbaby is practicing only the BEST behaviors while staying with a professional dog trainer.

This program is the ideal alternative to a noisy and chaotic boarding facility. With limited enrollment, we guarantee that your puppy will get plenty of love, attention, consistent reinforcement of polite manners, and daily training. ​Puppy owners always rave about how well-behaved their puppy is after staying with us! 

what to expect:

Still have questions? Read our Puppy Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy boarding with a trainer

**We believe that ALL puppies benefit from formal training, which is why puppy boarding is offered EXCLUSIVELY to puppies/owners who have completed our Puppy TrainingObedience Training, or Board & Train program(s)**​


When boarding with us, your puppy will live comfortably at home with one of our experienced trainers. They will enjoy supervised access to the house and yard, and bedtime spent in the safety of their personal crate. Puppies in boarding are treated as part of the family and enjoy age-appropriate outings that might include visits to coffee shops and parks, daily walks, and plenty of playtime. You will receive daily photos and updates via text and can check in on your fur-baby as much as you'd like while you're away! 

Best of all, your puppy will receive consistent reinforcement of polite household manners to include but not limited to:

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Providing Colorado Dog Owners with Outstanding, Custom-Tailored Dog Training Services

Current Availability:

  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • ​Appropriate Chewing
  • Jumping and Polite Greetings
  • Puppy Nipping/Biting and Polite Play
  • Furniture Boundaries
  • Calm and Structured daily routine
  • Supervised socialization with other dogs
  • ​Socialization with people
  • ​Positive exposure to new environments​
  • Maintenance and refinement of the behaviors/commands your puppy already knows​

Happy Hounds Dog Training, LLC is licensed by the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) which requires a facility to undergo annual inspections to ensure a safe and secure environment for your pet.