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"Jenn Fantasia is…well…fantastic!  We hired Jenn to work with us as soon as Luna arrived in our lives as a 9-week-old puppy.  Luna is our first dog, and we wanted to start off on the right foot by providing her with a consistent and supportive home environment.  Jenn came to our house and taught our family how to work with Luna in a way that positively engaged her.   Under Jenn’s care, all four members of my family give Luna consistent directions and rewards which has resulted in a well-behaved one-year-old dog.  Jenn has even taught our kids how to play with Luna so she and the kids not only have fun together, but the fun is appropriate and doesn’t cause Luna to slip into bad habits.
We love Jenn’s warm and positive attitude, and so does Luna.  Luna always bursts at the seams with joy when Jenn arrives.  We confidently recommend Jenn to anyone interested in a positive and supportive training experience with their dog or puppy."

- The Sippel family and Luna (Labradoodle)

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"My wife and I highly recommend Jenn Fantasia from Happy Hounds. Jenn worked with us over 10 training sessions for the purpose of getting our younger dog, Kokopelli, age 1, to be more disciplined around us, around strangers and with our older dog, Kuri, age 2. We asked Jenn to come to our home and work with Koko for 5 one-hour weekly sessions. After the 3rd or 4th session the training was going so well we signed on for a second set of 5 sessions. Jenn always arrived to the training sessions with exercises that reviewed and built upon the work from the previous week. Jenn worked with all 4 of us, each having a different role in the family. Between sessions we worked with both Koko and Kuri for a few minutes at a time several times a day.This training allowed Koko to evolve from being a wild, rambunctious pup to becoming a trainable rambunctious dog. She still does all the things we like in a pup – excitement to see us, ready to play at a moments notice, begs for tummy rubs, etc. But now she does what works for her, knowing what her role is in the family. She listens and is attentive, comes when called, leaves it, takes her spot, and waits for treats and food or at doorways and tops of stairs.  She knows she has to work for her rewards by following basic commands, and she enjoys this. Through Jenn’s training of both the dog and owners, Koko has become a successful member of the family. All 4 of us are happier as a result. (Koko and Kuri have seen Jenn a few times since the training ended, and they greet her like a long lost friend.)

-Michael, Dana, Koko, and Kuri (Australian Labradoodles, 1 and 2 years old)

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"We met Jenn through a friend's recommendation after we got Chevy, our Goldendoodle, at 10 weeks.  We knew we were going to need help adjusting this sweet, energetic little puppy into our busy home.  We have 4 children, aged 2-11 years, who wanted to be involved at every step.  Jenn came to our home and worked with each of us.  She was patient, with the dog…and us.  Giving all of us the skills to work with our new family member to train him to be the dog we were hoping for.  As Chevy has gotten older, our training needs have evolved.  We recently used Jenn's board and train.  Amazing!  We went on a trip for a week and came home to a happy Chevy who had learned new skills.  Once again, Jenn also took the time, with each of us, to show us how we can transfer this new behavior to our home.  We will definitely recommend Jenn to anyone with a dog, and we have!

-The Halkers and Chevy (3 month old Goldendoodle)

Working with Jenn has been a truly excellent experience for us. We took a series of in-home obedience classes when our border collie mix was 4-5 months old. Before we started any training, Jenn took a lot of time to educate us as "new puppy parents" about why our puppy was behaving certain ways. We really appreciated that she explained why and how the training was intended to work. In our first session, Jenn asked us what our goals were and developed a personalized training program to make sure we used our time together as effectively as possible. Each hour-long session flew by as she demonstrated exercises and then helped us to learn how to perform them ourselves. Jenn always had thoughtful answers to our many questions, and was a wealth of information for directing us where to buy equipment or websites to get additional insight. By far the best part about working with Jenn is her overwhelming enthusiasm and dedication! You can tell that this is truly her passion, and that she personally takes pride helping people successfully achieve their dog training goals.Type your paragraph here.

​-Kyle, Diane, and Mocha (5 month old border collie)

"The most concise testimonial of Jenn’s work with my irascible rescue pup is that after working with Jenn, guests to my home were absolutely amazed at how calm and well-behaved Walter was!  He began as a strong, dominant rescue terrier with high energy and serious issues involving resource guarding and social dominance. Jenn’s insight and ability to adapt her training methods to the situation are brilliant. Both Walter and I looked forward to our work together. Her suggestions were practical, easily implemented, and very successful. I recommend Jen whole-heartedly."

-Marti and Walter (2 year old terrier mix)

"Jennifer helped us immensely when we adopted an older dog.  Our household is loud and crazy with 3 children (2 of them preschoolers) and I knew it would take awhile for our new dog, Brody, to adapt.  Jenn knows how dogs think, and she understood Brody very well.  She helped me see the way Brody's brain works and showed me how I could use rewards and positive reinforcement to teach good behavior.  I had been to other dog training classes that used discipline-based training.  Instead of discipline, Jenn works with our dog's natural instincts and personality to help them want to behave.  She gave me lots of valuable tips on how to set down clear and consistent boundaries for Brody in the house and on the leash.  She also worked with the children to assure that Brody had his space and taught them boundaries to respect his needs.  I needed help immediately and Jenn gave me techniques I could use immediately.  She also helped me set long-term goals and taught me techniques for continued training to reach those goals. 

Jenn is smart, friendly and non-judgmental.  I learned so much from her, and enjoyed every minute.  Jenn is very responsive to my continued questions and I love having an expert who knows my dog and can help me deal with problems such as fear of lightning storms, stealing food from counters, and jumping on people.  Jenn Fantasia has a gift with animals!"

-The Carlson's and Brody (5 year old Golden Retriever)

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