But what about corrections for 'bad' behaviors? As dog owners, we understand that throughout a lifetime, our dogs will inevitably display undesirable behavior(s) and we would be doing you a disservice by ignoring this topic. Through your training program, you will learn how to effectively prevent or interrupt undesirable behavior AND redirect your dog in order to set him/her up for success. That said, we will NOT utilize shock collars, prong collars, choke chains, or other forms of pain-inducing corrective devices to discipline undesirable behaviors. Our trainers are committed to equipping owners with effective communication strategies that proactively teach dogs how to make the most desirable choices - regardless of breed, age, or size.

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  • We promote dog-human relationship building; not dominance theories. 
  • ​We provide positive, consistent feedback to animals; we don't rely on harsh punishment tactics.
  • We support and encourage kind leadership strategies.
  • We use safe and effective methods that any human can implement with any dog.
  • We strive to establish a kind and reliable means of communication between owners and their dogs.

Our dog trainers are committed to patiently counseling owners through all of the natural challenges that come along with dog ownership. We always support our clients with empathy, understanding, and a strong desire to set owners up for lasting success with their dogs. 

Training for both the dog and the human


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Dog psychology is honestly simple... "Dogs Do What Works". 

In a dog's mind, behaviors that "work" result in any type of reward. So, dogs are not trying to be bad by getting in the trash, they have simply learned that getting in the trash can be very rewarding, therefore dumpster diving WORKS! Make sense?

As owners, we can get caught up in the frustration of our dog's behavior and forget that there might be a method to their madness. At Happy Hounds, our goal is to not only train dogs, but to also help owners understand why their dogs behave the way they do. Having this knowledge allows humans to encourage behaviors they want and rid of behaviors they don't want even after the training program is complete. This exchange of valuable information proves successful 100% of the time!

Learning Theory and the Positive Approach

The science of dog training consists of four quadrants: Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, and Negative Punishment. While all of these quadrants are relevant, our experienced trainers know that Positive Reinforcement is the most effective and most humane approach to dog training, therefore this is the method used most frequently in all of our training programs. Through positive reinforcement, dogs learn that 'good' behavior results in a positive consequence or reward. Common rewards include food, treats, toys, praise, and attention. When humans consistently reward their dog's ideal behavior, those behaviors increase in frequency and, as a result, undesirable behaviors are passively eliminated over time. 

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